Increase Win Rates of Late-Stage Deals with The Deal Driver™

Easily validate the deals in your pipeline, purposefully collaborate to uncover deal insights, and confidently advance your deal with three proposed sales actions. 

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The Deal Driver

Lap your deal’s competition with The Deal Driver™

With so many moving parts internally and variables externally, how do you know where to prioritize your efforts so you can make the impact needed to close your late-stage deals? Enter: The Deal Driver™.

Natively integrated with Salesforce, The Deal Driver™ is a scalable solution built to help enterprise sales teams get competitive deals over the finish line with greater consistency and velocity.

Deal Driver Step 1


Sales leaders and reps can easily validate deals in the pipeline ensuring time and resources are appropriately allocated toward deals with the best opportunity to close.

Deal Driver Step 2


Most times, it takes a village and late-stage deals are no different. The Deal Driver™ allows you to discover critical deal insights by facilitating internal collaboration.

Deal Driver Step 3


Don’t leave your close rate up to chance. With The Deal Driver™ and its native Salesforce integration, you’ll get the three most impactful actions you can take to advance your deal.

What others are saying.

“The experience we had with SVP and The Velocity Assessment was very positive. They delivered the project on time and the results enabled us to make changes in our business that will lead to accelerated results. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, knowledge of the space, and software solution.”

Brandon Wood CEO at Maestro Health
Brandon Wood

“Our experience with SVP has been excellent. They are great listeners. They take holistic inputs before delivering solutions. Chris and Chris acted as true partners, really becoming part of the team and rolling their sleeves up. They know their stuff, not just in go-to-market but also across operations and other parts of the business. This has led to measurable results for us. In addition, we are thrilled with the results The Deal Driver continues to deliver. I’m very thankful to have gotten to know them and work with them.

Jim Priebe Chief Strategy Officer at Empyrean
Jim Priebe

“Chris and Chris have added value to my team since Day 1! They truly are authentic, results oriented and have become an extension of the Torchlight team. I’m excited about what we’ll achieve together.”

Adam Goldberg CEO at Torchlight
Adam Goldberg

“Our team loved working with the team from SVP. We found them to be authentic, hands-on and responsive. They immediately added value, and their insights are already helping us shape our organization to drive ROI and growth.”

Andy Howell President & COO at Kindful
Andy Howell

I’ve had the opportunity to work with both Chris Scarth and Chris Shee in high-growth arenas and have seen their passion and process deliver huge results. The approach they take to deal strategy and scaling teams sets them apart from others. It’s a core reason why their combination guarantees success. Their skill sets complement each other perfectly!

Scott Scharff Regional Vice President at Quantum Health
Scott Scharff

“The founders at Sales Velocity Partners bring an authentic, modern perspective to selling. I saw, first hand, the unique combination of sales, operational and financial expertise to create a winning sales culture and record-setting results!” 

Rob Dahdah CRO at Nuance Communications
Rob Dahdah

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