Go-to-Market Strategy

Based on your unique challenges and goals, we develop a strategy and executable plan that will have you outpacing the competition.

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Drive your GTM strategy forward with Sales Velocity Partners.

Driving growth and results is about prioritization and focus.

We identified the four key levers of sales performance and developed our core solutions around them.

Our proprietary Velocity Asssessment™ allows us to identify quick, easy wins for your sales organization.

How to Increase Sales

Find tangible solutions to meet your challenges head-on.

Traditionally, many organizations fall into the same routine of market segmentation by size and geography. These factors are certainly important, but we work with our clients to answer a few fundamental questions:

  1. What problems do you solve?
  2. Who do you really solve these problems for?
  3. How do you solve them better and differently than anyone else?

SVP will work with you to prioritize and focus on the best opportunities for your sales and accounts organization. We can provide recommendations on how to drive near-term results while balancing your focus on cultivating a longer-term pipeline.

Our Velocity Assessment™ tool establishes a foundation from which to organize and deploy the right people to the right prospects. We’ll work with your team to execute at a high level in changing markets.

High-growth businesses have strong, thriving ecosystems. Managing your ecosystem is one of the most important ways to diversify and generate new streams of revenue.

We help develop an approach to maximize the number of partnerships your organization has and how to optimize these relationships. We focus on:

  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Define value
  • Team support
  • Contracting and pricing
  • Ecosystem Plan

At SVP, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to sales. A critical element of an effective salesperson is shifting from a “here’s what we sell and why you should buy it” approach to a more consultive, value-driven discussion.

When assessing the viability of your organization’s products and services, we focus on three key areas:

  1. What problems do your clients have? We help align your products and solutions to either solve these problems entirely or solve components of their problems.
  2. Relative to market demands (and sometimes competitor capabilities), we’ll help identify gaps or shortcomings and identify ways to mitigate these issues AND impact your product roadmap.
  3. We help assess key opportunities in the market to address key business issues to either help your clients grow or save money.

Our experience working with Product Development and Technology Roadmaps informs your sales strategy and SVP will work with you to achieve closer alignment to drive more revenue.

Talent wins, and it’s harder than ever to attract and retain the best talent. So, how can you ensure you have the right team and players in place?

We help put your team in the best position to win. Winning creates momentum that is infectious and solves a lot of talent problems. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Structure and roles
  • Talent
  • Enablement
  • Territories

Defining your organization’s culture is an important step in managing high-performing teams. Many times, companies have cultures that evolve over many years. Sometimes new companies adopt cultures based on their leadership team’s ideals and mantras.

There’s no right or wrong reason why cultures are what they are. It is important to define what it is. That makes it much easier to consistent decisions moving forward.

What others are saying.

“Chris and Chris have added value to my team since Day 1! They truly are authentic, results oriented and have become an extension of the Torchlight team. I’m excited about what we’ll achieve together.”

Adam Goldberg CEO at Torchlight
Adam Goldberg

“Our team loved working with the team from SVP. We found them to be authentic, hands-on and responsive. They immediately added value, and their insights are already helping us shape our organization to drive ROI and growth.”

Andy Howell President & COO at Kindful
Andy Howell

“The team from Sales Velocity Partners made an immediate impact on my top line. Their Velocity Assessment tool quickly identified two of the four levers that were most suited to my business, and we worked together to make changes based on that assessment.”

Mark McGinness CEO at WRC Fiber
Mark McGinness

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