Voice of the Customer

Propel every aspect of your growth strategy with client interviews, data analysis, and customer insights.

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Our VOC Process

Consistently meet growth objectives by putting the customer first.


Establish Goals

We establish goals for the project based on market and business challenges.


Assess Current State

We assess your current data and reporting including sales pipeline, win/loss, deal size by solution along with a competitive analysis.


Gather Insights

We’ll jointly identify key interview targets including existing customers, new prospects, buying center members, and recent deal participants.


Deliver Analysis

We deliver an executive summary with insights and feedback, a detailed analysis, and recommendations for the next steps.

How to Increase Sales

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The right approach to soliciting feedback will impacts every facet of your growth strategy – from product development to sales to retention. VOC can inform how you deploy your teams, your resources, and how you craft your sales and marketing messaging.

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“Chris and Chris have added value to my team since Day 1! They truly are authentic, results oriented and have become an extension of the Torchlight team. I’m excited about what we’ll achieve together.”

Adam Goldberg CEO at Torchlight
Adam Goldberg

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